1st president of india

Rajendra Prasad
1st president of india

1st president of india

The question wich is frequently comes in many exam and interview is.

Q: who was the first president of India?

Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first president of India.

Rajendra Prasad (3 December 1884 – 28 February 1963) was an Indian independence activist, lawyer, scholar and subsequently. the first President of India, in office from 1950 to 1962. He was an Indian political leader. He lawyer by training. Prasad joined the Indian National Congress during the Indian Independence Movement and he became a major leader from the region of Bihar. A supporter of Mahatma Gandhi. Prasad was imprisoned by British authorities during the Salt Satyagraha of 1931 and the Quit India movement of 1942. After the constituent assembly 1946 elections. Prasad served as Minister of Food and Agriculture in the central government.

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